Our Online Survey Package

With our online package, we bring your survey online – promptly and in uncompromising quality.

The online package bundles our services to create an online questionnaire from your offline questionnaire and to host it for you.

You have thought about the structure and procedure of your questionnaire so far and would like to implement it as an online survey? With our online package we do everything you need for this.

We will also be happy to answer smaller methodological questions, for example regarding the choice of the correct scale or the unambiguousness of the question formulations. A small method consulting is included.

Choose the online package separately or in combination with our other services.

If you need additional services beyond the online package, please contact us. For example, help desk/survey support for your participants, data updates, method consulting etc.

In detail

All features and a predictive service: your complete 'survey online' package

With our online package we offer you everything you need to conduct a professional online survey.

We create the questionnaire according to your draft, which you can submit in a format of your choice.

We host the survey on our or your server (or hosting package).

After completing the poll, we will send you the raw data in the format you require and a report on your survey. We would be happy to adapt it to your needs.

Our approach

We put your interest in the foreground. All our offers are tailored to your individual needs.

We do not cut back on functionality with offers that appear to be cheap at first glance. We offer you what your survey really needs.

Our price calculation is individual, comprehensible and simple. You already know in advance what your survey will cost.

We offer you the full range of services: from complete control over your questionnaire and data to a comprehensive service where we take care of everything for you.

We usually implement the online surveys with LimeSurvey. LimeSurvey is in our opinion the best open source program for creating and conducting online surveys.


Alle Features gelten uneingeschränkt für das Online-Paket. Eine Auswahl:

Many question types

for demanding and experimental designs.

Filters & Conditions

control the survey logic, structure and procedure of the survey.

Customizable design

to your corporate identity, target group needs and industry-specific formats.

Monitoring of survey participation

in real-time.

User rights and control

to the extent you wish.

No Branding

and no commercials don't distract.

Invitation and reminder emails

sent manually or automatically scheduled.

open – closed, anonymous and non-anonymous

Surveys with open registration or TANs.


for secure survey participation.

Basic evaluation

for the first results review. Groups and filters for dynamic presentation.

Survey-URL chooseable

on EvaluationPoint.com or your address space.

Server Location Germany

for prompt service and data protection compliance.

High customer satisfaction and service quality are our goals.
Contact us to discuss your individual requirements.