About us

We value well-done surveys.

With our online package we offer a flexible and uncomplicated way to conduct an online survey. With our further services we cover all necessary work.

Surveys offer the opportunity to gather coherent information promptly and with little effort for all participants. Surveys are used for sound decision-making, dialogue and learning.

A committed service, expert advice and state-of-the-art technology.

Providing simple solutions. Technical development means that existing survey tools often either do not stand up to technical progress and lag behind usability, stability or functionality, or refine and specialize to such an extent that the providers primarily address niche industries or high-turnover segments and are therefore too expensive and unnecessarily complicated for the broad market of those who want to conduct online surveys 'classically' with scientific standards. Either too simple or too expensive and overloaded? This costs either too much time or money. Often both.

Tailor-made service to make your survey project as easy as possible. We advise you with foresight, professional competence and courtesy. We orient our processes to your requirements. — Every client is unique and so is our service.

Logo Evartis GmbH, BonnEvartis GmbH from Bonn, Germany, is the operator of Evaluation Point. Evartis specialises in the implementation of evaluations and the provision of services for research. Surveys are a frequent and essential part of many evaluations. Based on our own need to be able to conduct surveys online in a flexible and timely manner, we have increasingly built up expertise in the field of online surveys. The perceived lack of uncomplicated and flexible, professional and demand-oriented services for the creation of online surveys led to the development and opening of Evaluation Point.

We are an institutional member of the DeGEval – Evaluation Society (Gesellschaft für Evaluation e.V.), since 2010 and a member of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) in Bonn since 2014.

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