All features for your survey

We work with the – in our opinion – best technology for online surveys. In most cases, we use the free and open-source software LimeSurvey to create the questionnaires and conduct the survey.

Questionnaire | Creation, design and logic

Chic and functional, with all the essentials and so much more.

Many question types

The numerous question types allow even the most demanding and experimental survey designs.

Filters & Conditions

Filters and conditions control the survey logic. Depending on the answers or characteristics of the participants, the course of the questions is set, certain questions are excluded or asked.

Customizable design

The design of the questionnaire, the welcome and end pages as well as other questionnaire components can be adapted to a large extent.

No Branding

Our questionnaires do not carry any manufacturer's logos or other trademarks, except for yours.

Dynamic text import

Questions can include previous answers and questions can refer to previous answers, for example in the personal salutation (i. e. piping,text substitution).

Survey-URL chooseable

The web address of the survey is largely freely selectable. This both within evaluationpoint. com as well as in the context of hosting via the server or internet packages on the customer side.

Welcome and final pages

Individual welcome and end pages can be added to the questionnaire so that there is enough space for appealing and detailed explanations.

Multilingual surveys

Explanations on help and question instructions are available in many languages. In principle, surveys can be conducted in all languages.

Storing intermediate status

The interim status of the survey can be saved so that the participants can continue the survey at a later date.

Support for screen readers

The questionnaires can be programmed largely barrier-free and support screen-reading aids.


Clean code, platform independently best presentation. An essential component of accessibility.


The QR code links to your survey and can be read by cell phones and tablets. An opportunity to contribute to the dissemination and thus participation in your survey.

Conducting the survey | Adminstration and Hosting

If you want everything to go according to plan and your wishes.

Survey participation monitoring

Observe the participation in your surveys and their results in real time. Review the number of completed and pending surveys.

Intermediate results

Depending on the preferred user rights, you can export the current intermediate results at any time. Otherwise, we will send you the data in the format of your choice.


HTTPS encrypted surveys, TLS/SSL secured e-mail communication, on request also with PGP or TrueCrypt. The servers are located in Germany.

Invitation and reminder e-mails

Manual or scheduled sending of invitation and reminder e-mails.

Quota management

Quotas limit the participation or continuation of the questionnaire depending on the responses of the participants. For example, it can be determined that only women continue to participate if 20 men already had taken part.

Anonymous and non-anonymous surveys

Conduct anonymous or non-anonymous surveys with open or closed groups of participants.

Open and closed surveys

Surveys open to all, surveys with open registration or closed surveys with TANs.

Manual data input

Complete missing data, edit completed questionnaires and enter individual questionnaires in the backend of the survey tool.

User rights

We grant you any rights to the survey system or stagger these rights to your interests depending on your security and control needs or the level of competence of the intended user.

Time-controlled or manual start and end of the survey

Start and end your survey automatically according to pre-set times. Of course, we can continue to adjust the survey period if necessary.

Results | Evaluation, analysis, reporting

Present, analyze and export to relevant formats.

Basic evaluation

We provide you with a meaningful basic evaluation of your survey. We will coordinate these with you in advance.

Export formats

Exporting the results to CSV as well as Excel, SPSS, R and queXML file formats. Export of the questionnaire in PDF format for printing.

Response and runtimes measurable

To optimize future surveys, to identify blockages of comprehension as well as speeders in order to exclude or treat them separately.

Groupings and Filters

Examine and analyze special questions 'on the fly' online. Helpful for initial orientation or as part of an agile and dynamic presentation of results.

Inspired by the possibilities? Or do you have further questions? — Please do not hesitate to contact us.